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Hi! I'm Shaleila

👋🏽 Nice to meet you!

I'm currently a Consultant at Oliver Wyman, and was recently a UX Researcher at UCL's Interaction Center in London. A Master's in Human-Computer Interaction Master's from UCL brought me to the city. Previously, I was a Product Manager at The Atlantic. I'm based in London, by way of Mumbai, Singapore, Chicago, Washington D.C., and a few other stops along the way! I'm a creative at heart and love to design, create, and optimize. Design thinking, people-centric strategy, and the clever use of digital media fascinate me.

I also make music in my free time, and keep up with the latest in cinema - give my podcast a listen! Talk to me about FC Barcelona, K-Pop history, performing sketch comedy, or concerts.

Find Me Across the Internet

My interests and involvement can be best expressed through my projects, so take a look!

Gus the Cactus, a bedside assistant prototype promoting mental health, built using Arduino Uno and associated sensors and motors. Take a look at the building process!

TamponTimer, a Fitbit app to help keep TSS at bay. CSS, not TSS!

Are You Still Watching? - A podcast about movies that I co-host with my friend, Eric! We're on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Patreon, and anywhere you get your podcasts!

SNKS & LDNRS, a Fitbit Versa companion app that I created using the Fitbit SDK

LookUp: A Vibro-Tactile Navigation Game, created in conjunction with UCLIC, London

Ariana Grande's discography, explored through Machine Learning models and NLP. Take a look at the data and work: I and II

The Atlantic Crossword, my proudest project! PMd and launched by me

Pill Pal, an Alexa skill for birth control education. Available now on the Alexa Skills store!

A Google AMP Story about Amazon Dropshipping I built for The Atlantic

My Design Portfolio, chronicling my forays into design

My second AMP Story for for The Atlantic, on Waymo's self-driving cars

The Atlantic's flagship Alexa skill, "The Atlantic's Daily Idea" which I brought to life

A page I built for The Atlantic on podcast listening instructions

Track the concerts I attend with me!

A website I created for Sigma Alpha Iota, the music fraternity for women

Crimsen, an inclusive period-tracker app - a winning hackathon project

On the Wildcat Welcome Board of Directors where I served as Director for the School of Education and Social Policy

A handbook for International Students at Northwestern that I co-wrote

One of the culture guides I helped put together as Creative Editor for Scene+Heard, Northwestern's arts and culture publication. Look out for my design and writing work!

Another Culture Guide I worked on as Creative Editor for Scene+Heard - check out my writing as well!

Takeaways from Evidence Based Living, a project I worked on as a research assistant

The deck from a talk I gave as a Nielsen intern on "How Brands Grow" by Byron Sharp

Northwestern's premier Indian Classical Dance group, Nithya, which I was co-captain of

"New Playlist", a film I assistant directed for charity with Applause for a Cause

A review and track guide I wrote of ymusic's album "First"